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Bastien GibertBastien Gibert has been working in the field of strategic consulting and communications for over fifteen years. He has provided support to companies, big and small, in all lines of business, in their corporate strategy, conducting audits, prospecting and market analysis, as well as influencing decision-makers, and transitional management. He is also the chairman of Gibert Consulting and Executive Delegate of the TransManche Development Group.

Bastien Gibert graduated from the École Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay, part of the HEC group, and is a Lauréat de l’Agrégation in Management and Economics. 




Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy has been accompanying French and English economic actors across the Channel in development projects for over 20 years. He has an extensive network of government officials and economic decision-makers, and liaises with companies seeking partnerships, securing negotiations, developing trade, and particularly steering operations and logistics.  He is a highly experienced negotiator and intermediary known for his efficiency and discretion.

Furthermore, he is the regional delegate for Brittany and the Channel Islands of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France.
Brian Murphy is also Chairman of the TransManche Development Group.