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Gibert Murphy + Associates is able to support its clients and partners on a large number of missions, thanks to the diversity of its skills.


Confidentiality, Reactivity and Efficiency
are the three basic principles that direct our interventions.



Individual company strategies, market positioning and investment and development choices are influenced by a host of specific issues, ranging from civil engineering and the price of bitumen to the predicted influx of future inhabitants to a particular region for a property developer.

This is where economic modelling comes into its own. Through algorithms and IT, very efficient tools have been developed to be able to process a large number of variables and thousands of parameters, to group them into a logical process, and to study how they change over time according to different scenarios. 

Analysis and economic modelling are powerful decision-making tools, not just when it comes to making complex decisions, but also in providing quantitative arguments. Economic modelling and indicators can be used to explain the rationale behind decisions and present hypotheses, which can be discussed objectively and in depth in the best interest of the company.

We, at Gibert & Murphy + Associates, have a high level of expertise and extensive experience in economic modelling making us the partner of your choice to drive and build the tools your company needs to develop, to improve your understanding of markets, and to optimise your position both economically and strategically.




Gibert Murphy + Associates conduct strategic audits within the framework of development and localisation projects, in France and internationally. Our audits provide a better understanding and perspective of a company’s organisation, products and services, as well as its management, strong points and areas for improvement. 

We carry out strategic audits on processes (work streams, areas of responsibility, means available and information systems) and the people involved in your strategic operations (their skills, motivation, coordination, etc.) to provide you with the most effective and appropriate recommendations.

To do this, we, at Gibert Murphy + Associates, ensure:

  • A perfect understanding of the company, its culture, outlook, missions, and strategy. 
  • A thorough examination of relevant documentation, 
  • The collection and processing of data from the targeted staff, 
  • A trip to the regions in question to gain an insight to the stance adopted by local actors and the economic and institutional environment.
  • An in-depth analysis of data from a prospective point of view.
  • A written audit report with a situational analysis, indicating the company’s strong points and areas for improvement, offering operating guidelines and how they should be implemented and followed up over time.



Data is at the heart of all informed decision-making, and essential in analyses and in putting business into perspective, particularly when a strategic project takes on an international dimension. 

It is vital that the data used to make strategic decisions, often with far-reaching financial consequences, is 100% reliable, especially when working in geographical areas or with business partners that are new to you. 

The creation of a data base is therefore essential in providing a company with the necessary up to date insights into trends, markets and geographical areas, to name but a few, and to perform more detailed and objective analyses.

A database adds (very) high value enabling a company to conduct detailed statistical analyses that can provide a wealth of vital information and reveal potentially destabilising business trends.

Although access to much data is free of charge, some more confidential information is more difficult to obtain, especially from a foreign source.

At Gibert Murphy + Associates, we are experienced in creating databases. In addition, our clients benefit from the expertise of our network of specialists and public institutions providing them with all the information they need at their fingertips when making decisions. Our know-how and experience in economic modelling and statistical analysis enables us to develop highly valuable, bespoke and targeted follow up indicators for our clients’ projects. 



A business model and a business plan form an essential part of any new development project. In today’s world, where companies are required to produce detailed financial reports for stakeholders, be they shareholders or suppliers, business plans and models set out company strategy and areas of growth and development, and make long-term projections based on provisional income statements and underlying economic hypotheses. 

They are important because they form an official record of the strategy adopted, together with documents embodying company objectives, how to achieve them and the anticipated results.  

They are also prime management tools necessary to coordinate, steer and monitor resources, including individual input.

Finally, they are key to successful internal and external communications.

Business models and business plans are an essential part of any international development project indicating how your company’s current operations will be impacted from a strategic, economic and financial standpoint over the course of time.

Gibert Murphy + Associates have the skills required to accompany you in the development and effective use of a business model and business plan. We have the expertise to assist you in making the right choices to improve economic performance and development and bring together and optimise your own human resources. 



The success of an international development project or economic partnership, in France or the United Kingdom, is largely influenced by communications and public relations. 

The aim is to succeed upstream in communicating the objectives of the project, its implementation, and the services proposed to the different stakeholders. It is also to reach out on a larger scale to the public. Throughout the project, it is essential to make sure that communications between the different parties run smoothly so that “bridges” can be built in a climate favouring dialogue to avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

This is a difficult task and can influence the success of a project, if not prepared and conducted properly.
The web and IT are now two indispensable mediums used extensively in successful international development projects, whether in the form of a dedicated web site, a smartphone application, for internal communications or promoting a paperless approach.

We, at Gibert Murphy + Associates, are specialized in the use of communications to influence opinion. We have a network of web and digital specialists to accompany you throughout your projects.



The success of an economic and industrial partnership, in fact of any development project, hinges mainly on three factors: the right assessment of potential benefits and of what is at stake, the ability to mobilise resources to reach objectives, and the ability to negotiate.

Anglo-French negotiating is difficult bringing several skill sets into play, requiring specific knowledge in regulations, economics, legal and technical matters, as well as an ability to communicate eloquently both verbally and in writing.

Strategic negotiations must be prepared, rehearsed, and played out like a “role-play”. The different parties present are often linked in a complex, changing and sometimes misleading relationship.

Negotiations must be carefully prepared, conducted and agreed. At each stage it is important to work with extreme precision so that you have all the elements in hand, including potential alternative solutions.

Gibert Murphy + Associates uses an innovative and tested method which can be tailored to each individual situation (Representation, Assessment, Management and Orientation). This method, based on objective criteria, enables decision-makers to present and adjust their arguments, and determine which are the most effective to promote.

Gibert Murphy + Associates can also accompany you in media training, in adding strategic value to your arguments, and speaking and other related skills, which are important in lending weight to your arguments.  At Gibert Murphy + Associates we adapt our role to the conditions and constraints of each mission undertaken, whether during the upstream phases of a negotiation, or initially as your official representative, so that individual standpoints and potential risks are clearly defined and discussions can go ahead in optimum conditions.


The success of an international partnership project, in France or the United Kingdom, hinges on both economic and legal conformity.

In addition to economic and financial aspects, when a project is set up, all legal, regulatory, normative and taxation aspects must be simultaneously settled to avoid any subsequent setbacks.

This must not be neglected and it is therefore absolutely crucial to instruct specialized lawyers who will remain in close contact with the directors of the company and its advisors throughout the project. To ensure the project’s success, the legal experts must work closely with the other specialists involved in other areas of the project, such as strategy and communication, to maintain a coherent unified and coordinated approach.

Gibert Murphy + Associates has a network of experienced lawyers, ready to advise you in complex operations outside your usual jurisdiction, to ensure your project is 100% secure and maximise your interests. This represents a real source of added value to your company on both a technical and economic front, bringing together required skills and expertise.  



There is no room for improvisation when you create a partnership with a foreign entity. There are so many barriers (language barriers, business culture barriers, legal barriers), and potentially high risks to the company’s image and finances.

That is why impact assessments and development and feasibility studies are so important. They will provide the strategic information and estimated figures to enable you, the decision-maker, to look ahead and weigh up the potential economic benefits and risks associated with the project.

Emphasis is placed on the following information: the size of the target market, could competitive positions and market share be challenged? Equally important considerations for project development include regulations and legal provisions, cash flow, and the human and financial resources that can be used to attain objectives. The consequences for company organisation and strategy must also be factored in.

This requires an effective prospective outlook so that the objectives set, the financial business plan, the business model, and the resources mobilised are not only determined accurately and effectively, but also coordinated to avoid a negative impact on the success of the project as a whole.

Gibert Murphy + Associates, has the right skills to accompany you throughout the analytic process on a financial, economic, legal, and human level. We also have the expertise you need to evaluate the potential and opportunities a development project can bring to your company.



All development projects for a new product or service involving a stakeholder in the local economy or an international partner should be based on healthy, detailed market development and analysis. It is easy, and risky however, to believe that you know the market and the actors well, as the parameters are forever changing.

Market development and analysis enable you to build on solid bases with actual figures, proven facts, and arguments, and provides you with an up to date take on the different stakeholders in your project. In the best case scenario, it can confirm your interest in continuing with the project, but in the very worst case scenario, it can prevent you from making a monumental strategic error, with a negative impact on your finance and on the company’s image.

Market studies are based on an exhaustive analysis of the people involved, the competition, regulations, prices, offers, barriers to market entry, the keys to success, the consumers and end-users, and the stakeholders in general. 

Prospecting enables future scenarios to be weighed up: how likely are they to occur, what position should the company take to protect its interests? Such studies may require complex tools, indicators or economic models to be developed to enhance and obtain more detailed analyses or establish correlations.

It all comes down to making decisions and taking action. Here at Gibert Murphy + Associates, we have the experience, know-how and a network of specialists who can help you.



Economic globalisation and increased competition have profoundly affected the barriers between the public and private sectors giving rise to a new kind of diplomacy, between economic leaders and government authorities. 
Whatever the sector, companies need to work within a legal and regulatory framework, that they fully understand. They also need to take stock of the issues that are at stake in negotiations with government authorities, which will directly influence the economic turn their businesses will take. 

This is particularly true in the current post-Brexit climate where adopting a proactive stance can raise awareness. Stakeholders need to be informed of the economic difficulties that companies face and of possible solutions to improve the situation, fuelling public debate. 

This approach however requires the skilful use of communication and lobbying techniques to promote new ideas, often outside your own business network. This is of utmost importance in the context of an international project, in France or the United Kingdom, where decision-making circles and regulations are radically different, and a special approach and lobbying strategies are required. 

We, at Gibert Murphy + Associates, are specialized in company diplomacy and developing lobbying strategies. We have created an effective 4-phase line of action (conception, representation, negotiation, and valorisation) based on our experience in different sectors of industry and our unique skills-set, particularly in legal affairs.



When a partnership or localisation project is set up in a foreign country (France, the United Kingdom or elsewhere) it often requires a dedicated, specially organised team to be put together to work on the project.

Committing to a partnership with foreign economic actors, even if geographically near, presents a real challenge to a company on many levels: linguistic, cultural, economic and regarding company image.

It also entails considerable organisation, including mobilising and coordinating the necessary skills to successfully complete the project. Often, when projects are totally new, they do not benefit from hindsight. As a result of this, many projects fail, but also due to the lack of organisation and experience required of project managers.

The success of a development project abroad can take you out of your comfort zone and you may need to call upon skills and organizational methods rarely used within a company, from upstream strategic audits, and opportunity and risk assessment, down to project and department coordination, and securing contracts and operations. The list is endless. 
Gibert Murphy + Associates are specialised in managing and steering complex projects. We can bring in our expertise throughout your development project, from the upstream phase of strategic thinking to finalising your partnerships.



The majority of our clients already know where they would like to develop their businesses, but not necessarily the intermediaries or local industrial and economic actors involved. This is, however, primordial if the project is to succeed. Poor targeting can lead to a waste of time and energy, but in the worst-case scenario, an innovative project could be made known to others or even “hijacked”. 

Hence the importance of proceeding with caution when looking for intermediaries and local economic and government partners, and of avoiding giving away too much in the belief that it may open doors for your project. 

An economic partnership should be built on solid objective bases. Business is the priority. Intermediaries and networks are simply the means to an end and should remain so.

We, at Gibert Murphy + Associates, are specialized in finding and profiling partnerships, and will accompany you through your initial approach, the awareness phase, and the negotiations.

For each individual mission undertaken, the role of Gibert Murphy + Associates is different. It may be limited to profiling and identifying a pool of potential partners or conducting upstream negotiations (with our client’s consent) to secure discussions and make sure that the parties involved have a genuine interest.



The key to successful communication is perfect timing, choosing the right words, and presenting strong, credible arguments. Communications must be well thought-out, balanced and designed with special situations and objectives in mind.

Media and information awareness are used to progressively raise the awareness of the different stakeholders, to plant the first ideas and obtain an inclination of the first reactions and the different forces present. The main objectives are to get a better understanding and control of the economic environment where future communications will be released, to pave their way.
Media and information awareness are also essential for campaigns questioning deep-rooted principles and stances requiring the utmost discretion before headway can be made.

To be effective and reach targeted objectives, specialists, such as Gibert Murphy + Associates have the required expertise and tested experience to help. By adapting strategy and the action to be taken, Gibert Murphy + Associates can provide you with the advice you need to raise awareness and enhance your arguments.



If you manage a company, especially within the framework of international development projects, it is indispensable to keep astride of the markets, your competitors, regulations, and up to date with any new products and innovations.

It is essential to be able to use, identify, monitor, and analyse effectively any data or information that could affect your clients, your company and the strategic success of your international partnerships. This not only has implications for the products and services you provide, or the distributors, suppliers and intermediaries that you use, but also decision-makers, your competitors and the rules and legislation that govern your activity.

However big or small your company and whatever its activity, by keeping a watch on the news, competition and regulations, you have all the data you need at your fingertips to monitor, analyse and better position yourself within your industry. You are also fully equipped to make the right decisions.

Although today’s highly developed search engines enable access to vast quantities of information at virtually no cost, the effective use of the data obtained for lessons to be learned and to enhance the decision-making process requires a special skill-set.

At Gibert Murphy + Associates we have the know-how to get you started and show you how to tailor your use of information to meet your company’s strategic and economic goals.