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Gibert Murphy + Associates, is a leading platform assisting our clients with the skills and expertise they need, from A to Z, in their strategic development projects in France and the United Kingdom.  

A 100% bespoke service

Economic, trade and institutional links between France and the United Kingdom, particularly with the Channel Islands and the South of England, are strategically important given their geographical proximity, the current post-Brexit context and the multiple economic, health and social impacts of the COVID-19 virus. These links are currently underdeveloped in comparison with what they potentially could and should be.  

There are, however, real economic and strategic opportunities, specific needs and offers on both sides of the Channel, calling for intermediaries and specialist consultants to set-up, manage and secure, today and even more so tomorrow, new economic bridges and circuits.

Founded in 2020, by Bastien Gibert and Brian Murphy, at Gibert Murphy + Associates, we offer our clients a 100% bespoke range of services and the benefit of a well-established network of contacts. Our combined skills, experience and know-how will provide you with customized services to suit your needs, from upstream audits and identifying potential business opportunities, to securing negotiations and finalising projects.

We can accompany you throughout your business projects with a solid network of specialists, experts in the fields of Strategy, Project Management, Economics, Law, Finance, Asset Management, M&A, Lobbying, Web solutions, including in the Events sector.